3 Days 2 Nights Trip Similan Island
Package Price
* Child (Age 4-11 years)
AreaAdult (Baht)* Child (Baht)
Khao Lak7,2004,300
clock-s08.00Check in and pick up your snorkeling gear.
clock-s09.00Depart from Thaplamu Pier by speed boat.
clock-s10.00Arrive to snorkel and swim in crystal clear water. (Island 5&6)
clock-s11.00Relax on the amazing beach. (Island 4)
clock-s12.00Enjoy the most delicious lunch offered on Koh Miang. (Island 4)
clock-s13.00Meet your guide and check-in to your accommodations. (Island 4)
clock-s14.00Snorkeling at the East of Koh Payu. (Island 7)
clock-s18.00Fantastic dinner aboard MV Koon and watch the sunset.
clock-s19.30Return to your accommodations. (Free time)
clock-s08.00Have breakfast aboard MV Koon.
clock-s09.30Enjoy swimming and snorkelling from MV Koon.
clock-s11.30Have a delicious lunch onboard MV Koon.
clock-s12.00Relax on the small romantic beach of Honeymoon Bay. (Island 4)
clock-s14.00Snorkel at the amazing reef where turtles are often sighted at Ao Fai Wab on Koh Similan. (Island 8)
clock-s16.00Explore the quiet viewpoint of Donald Duck Bay or just relax on the beach.
clock-s18.00Enjoy a great homemade dinner aboard MV Koon and see the breath taking sunset in Similan islands.
clock-s19.30Return to your accommodation. (free time)
clock-s08.00Have breakfast aboard MV Koon.
clock-s09.30Enjoy swimming and snorkelling from MV Koon.
clock-s11.30Have a delicious lunch onboard MV Koon.
clock-s12.00Check out from accommodation.
clock-s13.00Leave by speed boat to snorkel in the underwater paradise.
clock-s14.00Explore the pristine beach and climb to the view point of the Sail Rock on Koh Similan. (Island 8)
clock-s16.30Arrive at Thaplamu pier and be transferred back to your hotel.

164 Responses to 3 Days 2 Nights Trip Similan Island

  1. avatar Huang Huiqin says:

    have you got availability for a 3 day 2 night trip a the Similan for snorkeling from 23th to 27th January 2017, I will leave Puket on 27th Jan. 2017, so from 23th to 27th Jan. 2017 all OK, two adult,thanks!

  2. avatar Jinyoung Lee says:

    Hi, I’m Jin from South Korea and I got question for package tour of 3days 2nights in Similan Islands. It’s written that the cost per person from Phuket is 7600B and I’m wondering if this includes accomodation. It’ll be really appreciayted if you tell me which things are included in 7600B. Thanks a lot.

  3. avatar Andrew says:

    Hello! I want to book 3days/2night trip to Similan on 04 March. How could I do this?

  4. avatar MR. YEUNG says:


    • avatar seastar2 says:

      First night you can sleep A/C and next day you can sleep fan room because we have A/C on 26/1/17 not have fan room and 27/1/17 we have fan room and not have A/C

  5. avatar Vanesa Pegoraro says:

    Hola, tienen disponibilidad para 3 dias y 2 noches en las islas similan para la semana del 27 de febrero?

  6. avatar Wolfgang Fazokas says:

    we are going to visit Thailand in the end of March and would like to book a 3 three days/two nights tour. On which days do you start? Is it possible to get picked up at our hotel or do we have to get to the depature-point on our own?

    thank you!
    Wolfgang & Theresa

  7. avatar Sam says:

    Hi,how to book the package online? Thanks.

  8. avatar samni says:

    Hi there!We arrived in Phuket on February 12th, I would like to book 3 days of the package or 2days package from February 13, 2017 ,2 adault,is it available to book? and Tent or huts

    thank you!

  9. avatar KUI says:

    What is included in the price? February 26th arrived in Phuket, two people, I would like to enroll in.

  10. avatar Sergey says:

    Hi, what kind of accommodation is included in 3 days / 2 nights trip? Thanks

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